The Brewery Museum in Dalešice offers visitors three sightseeing tours. There is, of course, a chance to have a tasting in the cellar.


67554 Dalešice
region Třebíč
49.130875, 16.079889Map

The brewery was first documented in writing in 1609, when it was owned by Jiří of Náchod. It became one of the most modern breweries during the time of Baron Anton Dreher, who bought it in 1882. However, it was confiscated during land reforms at the time of the First Republic.

The Starobrněnský brewery became a shareholder in production and after World War II it belonged to South Moravian breweries. The last batch of beer was brewed in August 1977 and the brewery was then closed. Since then the brewery has been falling into disrepair. In 1980, Jiří Menzel shot his film Postřižiny (Cutting It Short) here. It was not until 1999 that it was auctioned by the current owners, who have been trying hard to bring the brewery back to the form it had in the 1920s and who have resumed beer production.

Three sightseeing tours offer a trip back to the past, a visit to the modern brewhouse and a tasting. For specific dates and for larger groups, it is better to book in advance. In the summer, there are films in the open-air cinema and concerts and festivals.


  • Museum of Austro-Hungarian brewing - the historical part of the recently reconstructed brewery
  • New operation - current beer production, medieval cellars
  • New operation and beer tasting - in addition a tasting in the cellar

Foto: Pivovar Dalešice a. s.