The new history of the brewery in Kamenice nad Lipou has been written since 2016, when the original Kamenice brewery was bought by the company Pivovar Kamenice s.r.o. with the intention to restore the brewery operation here.


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Nowadays, beer is brewed at full speed there, both in a large brewery and in a mini-brewery, which serves for brewer's experiments and beer workshops.

Beer connoisseurs, brewery tourists and football fans will surely recall that the first brewing tradition in Kamenice was renewed in 2013 by Mr. Kopacka in his – today legendary – home brewery Kokeš.

On November 11, 2017 the pub was opened. In addition to selected beers, you can enjoy there the most delicious lunch menu south of Prague.

Both a large brewery and a microbrewery produce beer at present. The microbrewery serves for brewer´s experiments and beer workshops. There is also space available for organizing private celebrations, meetings and corporate parties.

Foto: pivovar-kamenice.cz