Families with children might visit Ratibořice in the Třebíč region, where they can not only get to know what a goat farm looks like, but also have the opportunity to taste goat's milk products.


Biofarma DoRa
67551 Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou
region Třebíč
49.131561, 15.906073Map

Almost six hundred white shorthair goats live atthe Dvůr Ratibořice Goat Farm. The people there specialize not only in goat breeding but also in the production of goat's milk products, many of which are labelled with the BIO mark. Goat's milk is processed in a dairy which is part of the farm and the product range is wide, from milk to yoghurt and cheese.

You might get to know about life on the farm by arranging an excursion, which includes visiting the stables with animals and tasting goat's milk products.

The farm can be visited on Saturdays and larger groups can come at any time by appointment. The excursion includes a visit to the stables, a tasting and also the opportunity to learn interesting information about the breeding on the farm. An agrocentre is also run directly there.

Foto: Archiv Vysočina Tourism