The starting point of the unique wine route below Sádek Castle is the acacia pergolas of the Trento type, where 40 different grape varieties are trained.


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Every visitor on the nature trail in the Třebíč region can get acquainted with the now non-existent original varieties of wine, such as Ortlíbské, Kamenorůžák, Červeno špičák, Damascenka, Blue Janek, Veltliner red and white, Kadarka, Yellow Muscat, Malingre and others.

All varieties are shown in colour and described. For example, Yellow Muscat grows only in the Caucasus today. These varieties were obtained after complicated negotiations from the genobank from Břeclav and the Hungarian Kecskemét, and certainly adorn the local vineyards.

After seeing these varieties, the trail continues with a demonstration of different types of cut and vine training, ranging from cordons to a modern Geneva double curtain.

Almost two kilometres of wandering through the local vineyards can pleasantly end in a tasting of local wines and wines from other regions of Moravia. The nature wine trail is open with accompaniment and expert commentary from June to the end of September.