The new history of the brewery in Kamenice nad Lipou has been written since 2016, when the original Kamenice brewery was bought by the company Pivovar Kamenice s.r.o. with the intention to restore the brewery operation here.


Nám. Čsl. armády 2
39470 Kamenice nad Lipou
region Pelhřimov
49.301842, 15.078399Map

Nowadays, beer is brewed at full speed there, both in a large brewery and in a mini-brewery, which serves for brewer's experiments and beer workshops.

Beer has been brewed in Kamenice since the 15th century. For a long time the town had the brewing right. At the beginning of the 17th century the brewery was taken over by the nobility and the first brewery at the castle was established. The appearance of today's brewery was brought about by the great reconstruction by Baron Geymüller, which took place in 1860–1861. The building in Kamenice partly gave an impulse to modernization of the neighbouring competing brewery operations, so the planned capacity of 20,000 hl was never reached.

The brewery with its belt tightened successfully survived the two world wars, but after the second one it was dealt a heavy blow by nationalization and the birth of the communist regime. Its definitive closure took place in 1947.

The brewery and the brewhouse underwent extensive reconstruction under the Pivovar Kamenice s.r.o. company and in the future a restaurant with a view of the castle garden is planned to be built.


Foto: www.pivovar-kamenice.cz