The brewing right belonged for a long time to the capital of the Vysočina Region, Jihlava. Today's Jihlava brewery continues this tradition of unpasteurized beer.


Fabes s.r.o.
Masarykovo náměstí 100/66
58601 Jihlava 1
region Jihlava
49.396351, 15.590941Map

The small brewery is located in the basement of the Radniční Restaurant on Masaryk Square in the centre of Jihlava. Beer started to be brewed here in May 2011.

The brewery is designed for the production of unfiltered, unpasteurized beers, mainly consumed in the local cellar. However, you can also find the beer on tap in beer bars throughout the Czech Republic or in specialized shops or pubs. The basic type is Pilsner-type bottom-fermented lager, but the brewery offers a number of beer specials.

The brewery also offers tours with tastings in the cellar that last almost an hour. Those who are interested will learn something from history, about the brewing right in Jihlava and how beer is brewed today. People can also taste beer directly in the restaurant, organize a celebration or a company party there. You can also become a brewer for a day. The pub also hosts a beer club every month.


Beer offered:

  • Ignác – light lager 12°
  • Zikmund – semi-dark special 13°
  • Zuzana – fruit specials 12°
  • Pšenice – weizenbier 12°

Specials - Cannabis 12°, Amber ale 14°, Jiskra – Jihlava light caramel Radniční Ale 10°, Pumpkin ale 12°, Dark wheat 15°, Christmas ginger special with honey – semi-dark 13°, Porter 14°, Easter Viennesse lager 12°, IPA 14.95 15°, XXI 21°, Biére de garde 15°, Oatmeal stout 16°, Post-apocalyptic ale 12°, Singl Hop “Ejl"


Foto: http://www.radnicni-jihlava.cz/galerie.php