Budišov Chateau

The chateau stands on the site of an original water fortress from the 13th century.


Moravské zemské muzeum Brno
Zámek Budišov
67503 Budišov u Třebíče
region Třebíč
49.275349, 16.012657Map
Period: summer

It turned into a sumptuous Baroque summer residence in the 1720s when the adjacent park was also changed into the French style and decorated with a rich collection of sculptures. However, only the torsos of the sculptures have been preserved. Today, the chateau serves as a public depositary for the Moravian Museum and houses unique natural history collections. The zoological collection includes some of the oldest stuffed birds, mammals, fish and amphibians, completed with trophies from hunting expeditions to Africa, Asia, and Canada, and new additions gathered during study and collector trips from the 1980s and 1990s.

Foto: archiv Vysočina Tourism