Příseka Chateau

The history of the chateau dates back to the 15th century. The original fortress built by Volf Beránek of Petrovec became part of the Brtnice domain after the battle of White Mountain.


Zámek Příseka
Příseka 18
58832 Brtnice
region Jihlava
49.338982, 15.646866Map
Period: summer, winter

In 1623, it passed down to the Italian Collalto family, who held it until the early 20th century; after that it was used mostly for fading purposes and slowly became dilapidated. Since 2015, the chateau has housed a unique museum of toy cars featuring the largest collection of models in the Czech Republic. The museum’s owner has collected about ten thousand of them. For the most part, they are models that were made in Czechoslovakia in the 20th century.

Foto: Archiv Vysočina Tourism