The Alternator Environmental and Technology Centre in Třebíč

A centre of science and technology associated with fun and creative activities can be found in Třebíč Borovina.


Alternátor – ekotechnické centrum
Tomáše Bati 1083
67401 Třebíč 1
region Třebíč
49.207096, 15.861751Map
Period: summer, winter

The exhibitions focus on the history of power up to the present day and on the history of footwear. The Unixe Science on a Sphere exhibit offers more than one thousand programmes and will impress everyone.

Unlike conventional museums, you are strictly required to touch the exhibits. Touching the exhibits and experimenting with them is the only way, especially for younger visitors, to understand the principles on which the world around us runs.

Foto: Jakub Mertl, archiv Alternátor Třebíč