TremoResistance Live at Trumpetka

Termín: 14. 2. 2020 20:00

Místo konání: Třebíč

TremoResistance’s music is characterized by having a critical lens; it communicates frustration and angst as well as a sense of community and hope. The goal behind the music and lyrics is to give a loud, clear and non-violent voice against Neoliberal global structures of power.

The band was founded by four international musicians based in Berlin, Germany.
Connected by a moral responsibility to enact, a passion for becoming involved in our neighbourhoods and communities as well as to rock stages with cathartic and interactive performances, the band organically evolved into a powerful four-piece connected by more than just music. TremoResistance’s influences see no boundaries. We like to call it hard rock hip hop.

Trumpetka, L. Pokorného 18,
674 01 Třebíč