The Janštejn glassworks is the largest producer of hand-blown glass parts for light fittings in the Czech Republic.

The production of glass for lighting continues the more than 200-year tradition of the glassworks, which blows most of its production for Brokis – a manufacturer of exclusive collections of timeless luminaires. Their original collections designed by leading Czech and international designers have won awards all over the world. They are distinguished by the highest quality craftsmanship, large format blown glass together with simple yet imaginative constructions in conjunction with carefully selected designs.

The Janštejn Glassworks takes an environmentally friendly approach to its activities. In collaboration with Brokis, the material BROKISGLASS has been developed which is produced from recycled coloured shards that would otherwise become waste. BROKISGLASS, coloured glass panels with a wide range of applications in design and architecture.

A visit to the Janštejn Glassworks is possible throughout the summer on Friday mornings as part of the Summer at the Furnace event and also as part of the studio open days. You can see the operation of the glassworks including an exhibition of exclusive light fittings in the Brokis showroom. You can book a tour on www.janstejn.cz.

Original light fittings by Brokis can also be seen in the nearby Bistro Café Friends in Telč, and walls made of BROKISGLASS in the Tři knížata restaurant in Jihlava. You can combine visual and culinary experiences.


Sídliště Janštejn 39
58852 Horní Dubenky
region Jihlava
49.250690, 15.320599Map