František Novák from Dobronín learned the glassmaking trade in the Josefodol glassworks in Světlá nad Sázavou and at the Vocational School of Glassmaking in Nový Bor. In the 1990s he opened his own glassmaking workshop at home.

Thanks to his diligence, study of expert literature and a little experimentation, he gained a broad base for the production of glass products of various kinds, especially in the field of historical fusing of glass. He specializes in creating replicas of glass objects from antiquity to contemporary art. His masterpieces include the so-called medieval forest glass, for which an encircled snake is the symbolic motif.

František Novák is passing on the art of glassmaking to his son František Jr, who helps him in the family workshop.

In 2019, the Vysočina Region Council awarded František Novák the title of Master of Traditional Handicraft Production of the Vysočina Region.

A visit to the glassworks is possible by prior arrangement on weekdays from 08:00 to 13:00. The mastery of František Novák can be admired during the annual Studio Open Days of the Vysočina Region.


Dobronín 204
58812 Dobronín
region Jihlava