Under the leadership of Prof. Jaroslav Svoboda, since 1990, original works have been created in Karlovy Vary that have won numerous awards both at home and abroad.

The production of hand-shaped metallurgical glass in Karlovy Vary was taken over by Lukáš Verner, a long-time glassmaker at the Karlovy Vary glassworks.

Interested visitors can see the workshop and watch the glassmakers at their craft. Workshops with the opportunity to paint glass and gatherings of master glassmakers are regularly held in the glassworks. By prior arrangement, it is also possible to produce your own glass souvenir (paperweight, animal, drinks glass) under the guidance of a master glassmaker.

A visit to the glassworks is possible on weekdays from 09:00 to 13:00. Groups of more than 10 need to book in advance. The tour includes the glassworks itself, an exhibition of original glass sculptures and utility glass and the chance to buy products from the company shop.


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