Náměšť nad Oslavou Chateau

The appearance of the castle was significantly affected by the Žerotín family, who turned the originally Gothic castle into a Renaissance chateau.


Národní památkový ústav
Zámek 1
67571 Náměšť nad Oslavou
region Třebíč
49.208744, 16.162561Map
Period: summer

Another important family was the Haugwitz family; one of them was Henry William III, a great lover of music. Thanks to him, Náměšť na Moravě became a hub of musical life in Moravia. The government confiscated the chateau from the Haugwitz family in 1945 and it briefly served as President Edvard Beneš’s residence in Moravia, which brought about a number of remarkable structural adjustments.

Guided tours will take visitors to representative rooms decorated with a unique set of tapestries from the 16th to the 19th centuries and to the Haugwitz’s private apartments. The chateau library contains the precious Kralice Bible, whose publishing was funded by the Žerotín family. The chateau complex is loosely connected to a park in which fallow deer are kept.

Foto: Archiv Vysočina Tourism, Zdeněk Štefanik, Ivo Svoboda, NPÚ

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