Jihlava Zoo

You will travel across five continents in just one afternoon and see over 200 species of exotic animals, look inside a tropical habitat, the African village Matongo, the Asian park Hokkaido and the South American hacienda Escondido.


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region Jihlava
49.396725, 15.595876Map
Period: summer, winter

And if you are lucky, you may see a snow leopard and other beasts of prey, a great anaconda, a sun bear, wolves and giraffes. Its surface area ranks Jihlava Zoo among the smaller ones in the Czech Republic and therefore, it is a popular destination for families with children.

Visitors of all age categories will enjoy their visit. Demonstrations of birds of prey and owls, night tours, animal days, lectures and other narrations and guided tours are very popular. One great attraction is the tropical habitat with a river and a waterfall, pools with crocodiles, a crashed airplane and the largest snakes in the world, the great anacondas. The wolf habitat is also often visited. There is a wooden viewing platform from where you can see these animals from above.

Foto: Archiv Vysočina Tourism, Vladimír Kunc