Police Chateau

The chateau in Police was rebuilt from an original 14th century fortress. The biggest changes made to the chateau and its Renaissance style from the 16th century are attributed to Jan Tavíkovský of Tavíkovice.


Police 1
67534 Police u Jemnice
region Třebíč
48.965656, 15.627495Map
Period: summer

Under the rule of the Berchtolds, Baroque decorations were added. The last owners were the old Wražda family. In 1945, the chateau passed under state control and it slowly became dilapidated.

Today, it is held by the municipality of Police, which has been striving to sensitively redevelop it and wants to find an adequate use for the structure. Visitors can see the chateau with its well-preserved Renaissance courtyard, chateau chapel and a five-story tower. In 2018, an RAF museum opened in the chateau; its aim is to show visitors the legacy of Czechoslovak pilots and soldiers who fought in WWII against fascism. An exhibition on old motorcycles has also found its home in the chateau.

Foto: Archiv Vysočina Tourism

Opening hours:

červenec a srpen: mimo pondělí: 9:00 – 17:00