Nature trail through the Doubrava valley

The medium-difficult nature trail starts at Horní Mlýn near Chotěboř and ends in the village of Bílek.


Informační centrum Chotěboř
Fominova 257
58301 Chotěboř
region Havlíčkův Brod
49.712910, 15.714808Map
Period: summer

It runs parallel with the red tourist route in a narrow wooded canyon valley created by the Doubrava River. The most interesting and wildest part of the valley is undoubtedly the rocky canyon - Riverbed and Massive Rapids - the Great Waterfall.

On the slopes above the river you will see the largest stone seas in the valley, above which a single rock tower, called “Čertův stolek” (“The Devil's Table”), rises above the spruce tops. At the top of the highest rock "Sokolohrady", to which you will be led by the tourist route, there is a lookout area. In the place called "Mikšova jáma", about 1 km before the village of Bílek, the Doubrava River falls into a deep pool in a 1.5 m high waterfall.

Passing Merry Rock and Quarry, where the nature trail ends, you will get to the village of Bilek. The nature trail introduces a number of interesting geomorphological phenomena, typical flora and fauna in this area.