Get to know the region of the Vysočina Highlands in its pure form. Take a trip across the mountain moors, where many rivers flowing into Bohemia and Moravia originate. Drive through the vast forests of the Žďárské vrchy Hills and explore the deep river valleys of the Hornosvratecká vrchovina Uplands. This picturesque world hides old castles, small hillside settlements, architectural gems, sacred places and folk buildings.


The Vysočina Highlands are a paradise for cyclists. And the northern edge of the Žďárské vrchy Hills and the South Moravian border in the valley of the Svratka River below Pernštejn Castle are no exception. This is where the European EuroVelo 4 route intersects with the domestic so-called Prague Route 1, three times - in Hlinsko, Bystřice and Nedvědice. The intertwining routes create an imaginary "figure of eight" suitable for single or multi-day touring.

What should I know?

  • The circuit is 137 km, so it is ideal for a multi-day cycle tour.
  • You can divide the route into 3 days of 50km sections with overnight stays for example in Nedvědice and Nové Město na Moravě.
  • You can look forward to a hilly landscape hiding the most attractive historical monuments and the most beautiful natural and landscape areas of the Vysočina Highlands.


First part of the route: Hlinsko-Nedvědice

Start your multi-day cycle tour starting and ending in Hlinsko in the most valuable part of the town, a small settlement of timbered houses called Betlém, which is now part of the famous Museum of Vysočina Folk Buildings.

TIP: Another part of the museum can be found in Veselý Kopec. If you have an extra day, be sure to visit this national museum full of old timbered houses.

Leave Hlinsko on cycle path 1 along the busier road towards Svratka. The markings will lead you to a quieter road. After a while, you will pass Hamry and the deep woods and undulations of the Žďárské vrchy Hills will be waiting for you.

After passing through the villages of Vortová and Herálec, you will have before you the very crown of the Žďárské vrchy Hills - the ridge around Devět skal Peak (836 m above sea level), which you will not climb, but through the forests you will pass an almost 10 km stretch parallel to these peaks. On the other side, you will find yourself in the romantic Kadov in the Nové Město region. Don’t miss the famous pub U Janečků with the legendary homemade Kadovánek moonshine. And again the forest closes behind you and the Koníkovské pass opens in front of you.

There is plenty to see here! The view of the rugged landscape descending into the valley of the Svratka River is reminiscent of the picturesque world as depicted by the author of the famous book Broučci by Karafiát. Above you will have the hill Metodka, from where you can see from eastern Bohemia all the way to the mountains of Jeseníky, Orlické hory and Krkonoše. In the depths of the local forests stands a monument to the last wolf in the Žďár region, one of the most beautiful corners of the entire Vysočina Highlands. You will pass the Marie Colony, the village of Lísek and the horizons of the Svratecká Uplands will open up before you.

The landscape is more rugged, and before you reach Bystřice via Bohuňov, we recommend a stop in the Borovinka complex by Domanín. Then there is a cycle path in the direction of the Lužánky sports complex. Look out at the junction with road 19. Behind it, notice the sculpture of a bison, the symbol of the region, with the newly emerging miniature area. This is where the route crosses with EuroVelo 4 - this is where you will return once more on the way in the opposite direction. The road will take you along Nádražní Street towards Věchnov and through Býšovec you will climb steeply down to the gates of Pernštejn Castle.

The famous marble gothic jewel of medieval architecture is not very friendly to cyclists, but who could resist a peek? From the castle, we recommend taking the gate to the right along the so-called Pivovarská cesta Way. Down below the hill you can see the castle and gardens once more from the road and past the refreshment stand in the car park you will reach Nedvědice. The town boasts a new museum with a display of ancient coins.

Second part of the route: Nedvědice-Nové Město na Moravě

To reach the village of Čepí, where the coin treasure was found, you will take the EuroVelo 4 (or 4025) route, which you will now change to. There is a path ahead of you through the valley upstream of the Svratka River to the first republic centre of tourism in Vír. The road through Dolní Čepí, Ujčov, Štěpánov and Koroužné will take you under the dam of the Vírská přehrada Reservoir. On the way you will pass the ancient mining churches in Čepí and Švařec, beautiful pearls of rural sacred buildings.

The village of Vír is now coming to life again with new attractions such as via ferratas on the rocks or a new test centre for road cyclists and mountain bikers. The winding road of the Bystřice valley and the subsequent climb will bring you back to the town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, to which you can now pay more attention. Whether by visiting the city museum or the veteran’s museum. Be sure to climb up to the EDEN Centre, where interactive exhibitions will introduce you to the old and new face of life in the Vysočina Highlands. From the EDEN centre, follow the unmarked new cycle path around the track and the airport to meet the EuroVelo route again on the next section of the cycle path from Domanínek to the Domanínský rybník Pond. Leave the pond and you will soon reach the forest road and the hotel Skalský dvůr. And here you will return to the Žďárské vrchy Hills again, but this time you will head to the attractions of the southern edge.

Behind Vojtěchov and Zubří you will be welcomed by Nové Město na Moravě, the sports "mecca" of the Vysočina Highlands. While you will just touch the city going around the railway station, you will go directly through a famous winter and summer sports centre, namely the Vysočina Arena. The atmosphere of the sports complex is impressive, especially when you happen to come across a competition.

Third part of the route: Nové Město na Moravě-Hlinsko

With the sports complex behind you now you will make your way through Jiříkovice, Lhotka and Vysoká towards Žďár nad Sázavou.

The most valuable part of Žďár is the Kinský Château, the former Cistercian abbey with all its surroundings consisting of farming facilities and architectural gems. Of course, the biggest pearl is at the top of Zelené hory Hill – namely the pilgrim church of St. John of Nepomuk, a UNESCO monument. From the Žďár Château, let the cycle path lead you around the Pilská nádrž Reservoir with sports complex and the unmissable scenery of the border stone between Moravia and Bohemia. Behind Polnička you will find an entertainment area for the whole family – The Salon Express Wagon.

Finally, you will again plunge into the depths of the Žďár forests. These embrace the area known as the "Sea of the Vysočina Highlands", Velké Dářko the largest pond in the region. It is a recreational place, but also a very valuable natural corner represented by the Dářská rašeliniště peat bogs. Through them you will reach Radostín. Further on the route is only on roads - in Vojnův Městec you cross the road 37 again, and when you reach Studnice, you have only one more downhill to the destination of Hlinsko. Beware of joining the 1st class road at the ski slope, which you will pass through a tunnel, and end the ride at the Betlém open-air museum.

Foto: m-Ark, Aleš Motejl, Chris Borg