The peak of Křemešník with the Pípalka look-out tower and other attractions is a popular destination in the Pelhřimov region. You can also visit other monuments, especially directly in Pelhřimov.


39301 Pelhřimov
region Pelhřimov
Period: summer

The starting point and, at the same time, the end of this almost forty-kilometre trip is the historic square in Pelhřimov, from where the red tourist sign leads directly to Křemešník.

Křemešník is a well-known pilgrimage site with many legends and very attractive sights in the picturesque forests of one of the highest peaks in the Bohemian Moravian Highlands.

You can see the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Chapel of St. Jan Křtitel, a rock garden with a cross, Stations of the Cross, Větrný zámek (Wind Castle) and a spring with healing water. The nature trail around the top of Křemešník will allow you a pleasant and comfortable walk and will bring you closer to the local natural environment.

For the most part, the trail follows the Křemešník nature reserve, which lies about 8 km east of Pelhřimov. The main circuit has 8 stops, each of which offers benches with a table and a trunk with a canopy and a text to read. The starting point of the route is the parking area at the Křemešník hotel . The stops will teach you more about forest management, the forest itself, the nature reserve, flora and fauna, healing springs and cultural sights on Křemešník