Geopark Vysočina

Do you want to visit the Himalayas, but you haven't made it yet? Don't despair, thanks to the Vysočina Geopark, you have a unique opportunity to walk through an area that has long been as high as the Himalayan giants.


Nám. Zachariáše z Hradce 4
58856 Telč
region Jihlava
49.249321, 15.371321Map

The stonemasonry tradition, pure nature full of pond  together with UNESCO monuments in Telč form a unique genius loci which you must experience. 

The highest peak the Vysočina Region - Javořice (837 m above sea level) lies in the Geopark Vysočina. Míchova skála, Roštejn Castle and the ruins of Štamberk are worth a visit.