The historic city of Třebíč, the Pekelný kopec Observation tower, vineyards and beautiful landscapes. These are the attractions for cyclists who embark on this 46 km long circular route.


Turistické informační centrum - Národní dům
Karlovo náměstí 47
58851 Batelov
region Třebíč
Period: summer

The trip, which begins and ends in Třebíč, will take you approximately 3.5 hours. Along with interesting stops and a lunch break, you will spend a pleasant morning and afternoon on this trip. Then in the evening perhaps you can enjoy one of the many local cultural events.

Whether you save the centre of Třebíč for the end of your trip or visit it right at the beginning, be sure to explore the following:

-      An ancient Jewish town known for its winding streets and original buildings (it is the only Jewish site outside of Israel that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site),

  • The Basilica of St. Procopius,
  • The château, formerly a Benedictine monastery, which houses the Třebíč Museum of the Vysočina Highlands,
  • Karlovo náměstí Square, the second largest square in the Czech Republic.

Route description or Where to go

From Třebíč, exit the square towards the bus station and join the cycle path from Jihlava via Třebíč to Raabs. The cycle path will take you to the Libušino valley, through the Terůvky crossroads and the allotments to the village of Slavice. Then on to Pekelný kopec Hill, where you can visit the 26.5 metre high observation tower, from which you can see the peaks of the Alps in good weather.

In Kojetice, turn to follow the yellow marked trail and ascend to the Sádek - Château crossroads. The walls of the castle experienced the Hussite wars, the siege by the Swedes and rebellions of the nobility. Sádek acquired its present appearance by reconstruction after a fire at the end of the 17th century, when it changed from a castle to a château.

TIP: The wonderful atmosphere of Moravian vineyards awaits you in Kojetice. In the local Sádek vineyard you can buy a great souvenir from the trip in the form of your favourite wine. For a larger group wine tasting can be booked.

From the château, follow the yellow marked trail to the Rokytná River valley and then to Horní hora Hill. Follow the stony trail down to another cycle path leading to Rokytnice nad Rokytnou and over the hill to Markvartice and Chlístov. Through Pokojovice you will reach the village of Loudilka and then the town of Okříšky. From there you will take the cycle path 26 around the Jihlava River back to Třebíč.

Photo: the archive of Vysočina Tourism, Vladimír Kunc, visittrebic.eu