Cycling route CZECH-MORAVIAN

The longest long-distance cycling route crosses the Vysočina region diagonally from north-northwest to south-west as a memento of the thousand-year-old land border leading through the Bohemian-Moravian forests between the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Margraviate of Moravia.


Period: summer

Apart from the political perception, the historical boundary of the lands is an attractive impulse, especially for seeking its relics, whether contemporary or modern. You will constantly bump into old border bollards or new information signs.

A tour along the border also offers an interesting comparison of the differences between Czech and Moravian villages, between the Czech landscape and the Moravian landscape style. Because despite the thousand-year-old history of language and state, the customs, architecture, housing and communal life have become different between the two lands, and mainly the local people know very well where they belong. A tour along Czech-Moravian cycling route No. 16 connects several worlds in the colourful image of the Vysočina region in 2–3 days - the deep forests of Žďárské vrchy, the Vysočina Field Agricultural Centre from the Sázava River to Jihlava and finally the cold forests of Moravian Siberia above the valley of the Dyje River from Třešť to Slavonice. The whole route can be divided into 40km sections in 3 days with overnight stays in Polná and Třešť.