What do you think when you hear the word Humpolec? At the 90th kilometre of the D1 motorway the turn-off to Pelhřimov, Melikan's Motorest and Hliník, who moved here... You don’t remember anything else? Then it's time to get to know Humpolec and its surroundings from the saddle of a bike. Enjoy the history and wonderful nature.


39601 Humpolec
region Pelhřimov
Period: summer

Humpolec – a tourism centre in the middle of the Vysočina Highlands. You can visit five museumsDr. Aleš Hrdlička and the exhibition of his travels, The Museum of weights, The open-air beekeeping museum, 8mička art gallery and recessionist Hliníkárium as a reminder of „Hliníka“ from the popular Czech film “Marečku, podejte mi pero!” Take a peek into the past at the open-air museum in the ancient Zichpil district, which presents the Jewish and Protestant history of the town. Don’t forget the view from the tower of the Church of St. Nicholas and just above the town the romantic ruins of Orlík Castle and tower now transformed into an observation tower.

Beer lovers will be interested in Bernard, the famous Humpolec brewery with its guided tours. Even in the surroundings of the town, a mosaic of modern times and years of history are intertwined, where the railway line winds lazily alongside the high speed motorway. The luxurious Château Herálec and the romantic Lower Mill of the blacksmith Habermann, a children's western town

Stonetown next to the castle in Úsobí, the recessionist museum of the railway and the peaceful forest wells. All this awaits you on your visit. So get on your bike!

Route description or Where to go

You can symbolically start the trip in Humpolec at the Upper Square with a view from the tower of the church of St. Nicholas, or, on the contrary, visit the information centre and museum of the famous Humpolec immigrant Hlinik – Hliníkárium. Warmed up by a little of knowledge of the soul of Humpolec, head down Hradská Street towards Orlík Castle. You will pass the Jewish cemetery and take the dirt road and then the paved road through the Rozkoš quarter to avoid the busy road No. 34 to the car park under the castle.

It is possible to climb up to the castle from the car park along a steep rocky path and see the town and its surroundings from the tower converted into an observation point. After returning to Rozkoš, carefully cross the main road and take the minor roads towards Vilémov and Plačkov. The winding railway line will be your guide for the first half of the trip. Shortly after the first level crossing you will be greeted by the western town of Stonetown 200 metres to the right of the road. From the western town you continue along the tarmac to Kamenice, where you can't help but notice the small railway museum which the owner has created in his garden.

From the museum to the modern romance, you can take a peek a few km away at the gates of the famous Château Herálec, an old château turned into a luxury hotel. After Herálec on taking the road in the direction of Havlíčkův Brod you will reach shady wooded corners before turning right along beautiful paved forest roads into an area of streams and small mills. The yellow marked hiking trail passes Pejchalův mlýn Mill and leads you to Dobrohostov. Here you will leave the "railway wandering" section the and the "mountain" part of the trip will open in front of you.

After the village you can still descend on the new asphalt road to the valley of the Úsobský potok Stream, where there is a fabulous pilgrimage site - the chapel of St. Anne with a miraculous spring that refreshes body and soul. Then continue through Chválkov to Úsobí, where you will be greeted by a newly renovated château right on the outskirts. Above the centre of the village he red façade of the ancient church of St.

Peter and Paul
can be found. After Úsobí, the landscape rises towards Větrný Jeníkov, which can be reached either via Skorkov with its old reservoir from 1912 and Zbinohy, or through forest areas and a tunnel under the motorway at exit 104, the highest point of D1 and also of our route.

The market town of Jeníkov has a truly monumental town hall, as it is served by the local château, which is thus "officially" accessible to the public. A unique collection from the town's history can be found in the church tower: again, as is typical for this region, it was created thanks to the enthusiasm of a local collector. In the same way, the owner of the nearby Dolní mlýn Mill, the artistic blacksmith Habermann, sensitively dealt with the reconstruction of his mill, which he put into operation in its original state and now primarily serves him as a forge.

The Dolní mlýn Mill you will find just off the road south of the Mlýnský rybník Pond. You will end your visit to the windy top of the Vysočina Highlands with a ride through the forest back to Humpolec. The entire route will now be determined by the direction of the green marked hiking trail - the road through Velešov and then the paved forest track and then the road through Mikulášov and another 3 km of busy driving on the asphalt in the neighbourhood of D1 is softened by beautiful forests. You will enter the town on the Jihlava road, which will lead you directly to the Zichpil open-air museum.