Would you like to take a bike ride along a route that crosses the countryside in compliance with nature conservation? In that case, head to one of the so-called greenways, i.e. green corridors. For example, the Craft and Faith Greenway, which is associated with craft traditions and historical struggles over faith.


region Pelhřimov
Period: summer

The 40 km long circuit leads along cycle paths, forest and dirt roads and quieter backroads. It is about 4 hours of pedalling. You can look forward to:

  • The famous old settlements of Žirovnice and Počátky,
  • castles, mills, spas and springs in the forested Jihlava Hills,
  • and the rocky, romantic landscape of Bohemian Siberia.

The Craft and Faith Greenway is implemented and operated by the Good Roads Association, which has been involved in the annual Festival of Crafts and Faith since 2003. Every Spring since 2004, a lime tree has been planted on the trail to mark Earth Day.


  •  Route description or Where to go

Start your cycle tour along the Greenway of Crafts and Faith in Žirovnice. Save the tour of the Château complex for the end of the tour - now head out of town along Nádražní Street towards the railway station, unless you have just arrived by train. After the Budín pond, turn right past the Panistávka Campsite and follow the forest asphalt and the blue marked hiking trail until you reach the road and thus the marked Greenway of Crafts and Faith.

After the railway crossing you will enter the South Bohemian Region and the signs will lead you uphill along a dirt road to the settlement of Horní Olešná and then along the road to the village of Zahrádky. On the edge of the village stands the oldest evangelical church in South Bohemia. Beyond the crossroads at the village square, let yourself be drawn into the heart of the Javořická vrchovina Hills. Cross the hills, meadows and forests on quiet roads through Domašín to Horní Pole. The landscape rises up to 700 m above sea level and you can feel the purity of the mountain air with every breath.

On the dam of the Karhov pond you will discover the jewel of the local nature, the Zhejral National Natural Monument. The forest ridge of Javořice with the unmistakable point of the TV transmitter overlooks a landscape of wetlands, forests, meadows, ponds and moors.

It is followed by the Planiště Solitude, which is the studio of the artistic blacksmith Habermann. At the end of the reserve, stay on the unmarked paved road and climb steeply up into the woods to the large crossroads at Kaliště pod Javořicí. If you feel like it, you can climb up the paved road past the Studánka Páně Well to the top of Javořice. From the Kaliště crossroads, follow the greenway signs again, which will help you not to get lost in the deep forest kingdom of the Jihlavské vrchy Hills through the picturesque winding forest roads of the Kněžská and Březinova trails. It's as if by magic that you suddenly emerge from the hilly forests near the Janštejn glassworks. The Greenway will then lead you past another monument to the "struggle for faith" - Žižkův kámen Stone - to the evangelical church in Horní Dubénky.

It is time for refreshment so ideally make a stop at the Kozlíček microbreweryor continue as far as Chadimův mlýn Mill, where you can also find a sip of home-brewed beer treasure in the friendly environment of the miller's museum. But don’t worry the treasury of other route destinations is still rich. Leave the greenways again and head through the village of Jihlávka to another spring - that of the Jihlava River itself. You can find it with the help of the K pramenům Počátek Educational trail. You are now in a spa zone.

You can turn off the main route to the Svatá Kateřina Spa, even if it means going uphill again, or turning off to a nearby Summer Palace of St. Vojtěch. Otherwise, head to the centre of Počátky and stretch your legs by visiting the museum or the observation tower. From the hometown of Otokar Březina you is within sight of the destination Žirovnice, but rather than the main road use the side road around the ponds to the train station in the village of Stojčín. Just 2 km to the finish and a good dose of cultural refreshments in the buildings of the Žirovnice Château and the finish.