A circular cycle route that leads around the town of Třešť to a stand of memorable Douglas firs and several peaks of the Jihlava district.


Informační centrum Třešť
Rooseweltova 462/6
58856 Telč
region Jihlava
49.290916, 15.482114Map
Period: summer

Route description or Where to go

This circular route from Třešt’ is 46 km long. It starts in the centre of the town on T. G. Masaryk Square and continues past the château and several ponds. This path will take you up to the memorable Douglas firs by the grove.

The first peaks which you meet on the way are Malý Špičák and Popický vrch. Then comes the more demanding off-road descent to Kostelec. After this you make your way to the village of Hutě and on to the top of Čeřínek. Back at the Dolní Hutě signpost, turn in the direction of the red marker towards the remarkable Čertův hrádek Hill, on the top of which there is a rock formation that creates a massive granite wall about 50 metres long.

From Čertův hrádek Hill continue to Nový Rychnov, Rohozna and Spělov until you reach Jezdovice. Find the green marker here and head back to Třešt' around the pond.

In Třešt', besides the square, don't forget to visit several interesting places. Which includes:

  • The Empire Synagogue,
  • The Jewish Cemeter,
  • The Vysočina Highland regional Museum and the Nativity Scene exposition,
  • The Château Gardens

Photo: Daniel Balogh, OKPPCR Vysočina landscapes, Vít Liška, Vysočina Tourism archive

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