Would you like to acquaint yourself with Pelhřimov and its surroundings? If you choose this trip, at the end of the day you will have 37 kilometres in your legs and your head full of great experiences from the town of Pelhřimov and the top of the hill Křemešník. See what action and also historical surprises await you on this cycle route.


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The starting point for this trip is Pelhřimov. Whether you explore the town at the beginning of your trip or save it for the end is up to you. You can postpone exploring the town's sights for another day and perhaps spend a nice weekend in the Pelhřimov region. What should I visit?

Route description or Where to go

Start at the square in Pelhřimov, from where as cyclists you have to get to the side road towards Nový Rychnov. In Proseč, under Křemešník, join the red marked trail leading past the large ranch and follow the unmarked trail to the Ivaniny rybníčky Ponds and the Stříbrná studánka Well.

Then go along the green marked trail to the hill Křemešník, where many interesting sights and attractions await you:

  •  Observation Tower Pípalka – at 40 m high you will have the surrounding area in the palm of your hand. Thanks to the tower’s powerful telescope you will be able to observe the castles of Lipnice and Roštejn or the surrounding hills. If the weather is favourable you can see all the way to the Krkonoše and Šumava mountain ranges.
  • Rope Park Křemešník – almost 30 obstacles for both adults and children alike to tackle. A children's park for children aged 3 and up, a junior park for schoolchildren aged 7 and up and a high obstacle course recommended for ages 15 and up provide action-packed fun for the whole family.
  • Calvary and the Church of the Holy Trinity – a place of pilgrimage by a mineral spring. Once you have seen and experienced all that Křemešník Hill has to offer, head on to the educational trail. Then turn right into Branišov and follow the blue marked trail to Sedliště and Kladiny. You can reach the dam between the Upper and Lower Kladiny ponds and continue along the road to Žirov and the Velký Rybník Pond. You will then return via Milotice, Kojčice and Radětín.

Photo: archive of Vysočina Tourism