In just one day you can visit two towns in the Třebíč region. On the way you can visit the outdoor swimming pool in Moravské Budějovice.


Turistické informační centrum
Purcnerova 62
67601 Moravské Budějovice 1
region Třebíč
Period: summer

Route description or Where to go

At the square in Moravské Budějovice an almost 60 km long cycle route starts. Before you go, be sure to explore the city itself. The history of Moravské Budějovice goes all the way back to 1101. The walls with the Monastery Gate, probably belonging to the original castle, have been preserved from the earliest times. The Château was built by reconstructing the Renaissance town hall and other period houses. It currently offers several guided tours (e.g. extinct and disappearing crafts). Apart from the château the other dominant feature of the town is the Church of St. Jiljí.

The cycle path leads to the local outdoor swimming pool and further along roads and through forests and fields to Jemnice. When saying the name of this town, people think mainly of tea production (Jemča Jemnice is a tea producer) or the local Barchan festival - one of the oldest historical festivals in Europe. But there are also important monuments such as the castle or the city walls.

From Jemnice you continue via Jiratice, Polica, Kostníky, Kdousov, Dobra Voda, Mladoňovice and Oponešice to Budkov. Finally, return to Moravské Budějovice via Komárovice and Vranín.

Photo: archive of Vysočina Tourism, Jemnice