An undulating landscape with many ponds and the picturesque Kámen castle. Here there is a 34km circular cycle route, which starts in Pacov not far from Pelhřimov.


Informační centrum
náměstí Svobody 1
39501 Pacov
region Pelhřimov
49.470760, 15.001679Map
Period: summer

Route description or Where to go

Our route starts in the historic centre of the town Pacov. First it leads to the nearby village of Důl, then it passes a little pond before heading to a small natural swimming pool. From here you will soon reach the village of Nízká Lhota and then the settlement of Kámen, where you are almost at the castle.

Kámen Castle dates back to the middle of the 13th century. It is well preserved and 4 different sightseeing tours await you inside, which will attract both lovers history and motorcycles. Outside the castle you can admire the landscaped park.

After you have seen everything, the route will lead you to the village of Dobrá Voda near Pacov. Along the way, you will enjoy picturesque views of the town against the distinctive silhouette of the castle. Then comes the settlement Tvrziny and Lhotka with a hunting lodge and ponds, the largest of which is called Vaberák. From the square in Černovice go to Střítež and then to Obratan and Cetoraz. Then it is only 6 km back to Pacov.

Photo: archive of Vysočina Tourism, IC Pacov